Real Time/Accelerated Time

Clock Type

MxVDev allows you to choose the type of clock used to control simulations.

Real Time

For real-time testing, MxVDev uses the RTClock, which corresponds as closely as possible to real time, sometimes called wall-clock time.

When the SUT has its own clock (this is typical for HIL tests), the RTClock should be used so that MxVDev and the SUT are operating in the same time.

Accelerated Time

Accelerated time runs as fast as your computer can complete the necessary processing. For accelerated time, MxVDev uses the MxClock.

For example, a test case may include a transition in a stimulus Signal at 10 seconds. The computer may be able to complete all previous events in much less than 10 seconds. At that point, the transition is transmitted to the Test Harness in simulated time.

SIL and MIL tests normally use accelerated time. For HIL tests and interactive tests (SIL, MIL, or HIL), real time is usually required.

Choosing the Clock

To select the clock type, use the Execution tab in the Project Settings. You can also change it temporarily using the ToolbarButtonSwitchMxClock/ToolbarButtonSwitchRTClock button in the toolbar. When you choose a clock, you choose whether the Simulation time is real time or accelerated time.