The Virtual Wiring Harness is an interconnected graph of Transforms.  Signal Transitions pass between Transforms.  There are two basic types of Transforms:

Signal Processing Transforms (SP Transforms or Transforms) modify the form of the data as it propagates through the Virtual Wiring Harness.

Connector Transforms connect to external programs, equipment, or other computer systems.  In general, Connector Transforms connect to a System-Under-Test (SUT).

Signal Processing Transforms

Examples of the capabilities that a SP Transform might offer include:

Pass data through a linear interpolation lookup table

Pack CAN Signals into messages

Convert a PWM pulse stream into Signals that represent the duty cycle and frequency of the PWM Signal.

Convert a hardware frame buffer into a windows-compatible bitmap format so the display can be seen during virtual testing

Connector Transforms

Connector Transforms connect to some program or device.  There will be one Project Connector and one or more SUT Connectors.

Project Connector

The Project Connector is the interface connector between the MxVDev project and the Virtual Wiring Harness. It is the invariant portion of the Virtual Wiring Harness.  When designing for test portability, the Project Connector is the part of the Harness that is the same for all targets.  It provides a common interface between the SUT and the Scenarios.

Project Signals - Project Signals are a special subset of signals that are exposed by the Project Connector.  The Project Signals are the abstraction interface that allow the same Scenarios and TestCases to execute on different targets (such as MIL, SIL, and HIL).

SUT Connector

The SUT Connector is a target specific Transform that connects to the SUT.  The code in the SUT Connector transform manipulates the data as needed to correctly interface with the target.

Examples of the capabilities that a SUT Transform offers include:

Connect to a CAN bus, a PXI chassis I/O card, a dSPACE, or other DAQ device

Connect to Simulink or other modeling tools

Connect to the Virtual Micro-Controller used for testing C/C++ code and for rapid prototyping

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