The Accept Results feature enables you to easily capture the Actual response for an output Signal in a TestCase, and make it the Expected response. The Accept Results action can operate on a Range, a DataBlock, a Variant DataBlock, a Signal, or all selected Signals.  If you right-click on a Range, a DataBlock, or the name of a Signal you see the Accept Result action in the menu list.  The Accept Results toolbar button AcceptResults_btn can also be used. To accept results for all Signals in a job, right-click on the job in the Scenario viewer. Whenever you change a TestCase, using Accept Results or otherwise, you should save the changes so your test is repeatable.

For an example, see the Viewing Signals and Plot Lines video demonstration.

The behavior of the Accept Results command depends on the Pass/Fail Algorithm selected in the Signal Properties:

hmtoggle_plus1Continuous Algorithm
hmtoggle_plus1Discrete Algorithm
hmtoggle_plus1No Data Area
hmtoggle_plus1Repeated TestCases


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