This procedure uses the Visual Studio Find and Replace command to add a Signal to TestCase (.mxc) files. These files contain XML code. Normally, you should use the Pick Signals dialog to add Signals to a TestCase, however this procedure may be useful if adding the same Signal to many TestCases.

1.Move the TestCase files you wish to update to a folder. (Do not use the ScenariosAndTestcases folder unless you wish to change all the TestCases in your project.) This is called the destination folder.

2.In MxVDev, add the new Signal to a "pattern" TestCase. Include any transitions that you wish to copy.

3.Save the TestCase.

4.Open the TestCase file with Visual Studio. For example:


5.Select the XML code for the new Signal from "<Signal" to "</Signal>"

In this example, the L_front_door_ajar Signal is being copied.


6.Press Ctrl+C to copy the XML to the Windows clipboard.

7.Paste the XML code into Notepad.

8.In Notepad, delete the CR/LF at the end of each line.

9.Press Ctrl+A to select all the code.

10.Press Ctrl+C to copy the code to the Windows clipboard.

11.Select Edit->Find and Replace->Replace in Files from the Visual Studio main menu.


12.Type the following in the Find what:  and Replace with: boxes:


Note there is an "s" at the end of the tag.

13.Click in the Replace with: box before the </Signals> tag and press Ctrl+V to paste the XML code into the box.

14.Click the 3dots_button button and select the destination folder or folders for the Look in: box.

15.Enter *.mxc in the Look at these file types: box.

16.When you are sure all the parameters are correct, click the Replace All button.

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