The MxSuite offers several ways to perform testing on software entities implemented in C/C++ code. One approach is to use the MxVMC Virtual Micro-Controller. The VMC offers many advanced features to the tester, but in general requires some manual setup steps to create a test harness (interface stubs, signal dictionary, etc.). In AUTOSAR environments, these manual steps are eliminated where the C code is AUTOSAR compliant and the C code interfaces are formally defined in AUTOSAR ARXML files. In such cases, the MxVMC Transform automatically creates the test harness. In just a few steps, all the power of the MxVDev test tool (including stimulus and response Signal editing, capturing results, pass/fail analysis, and reports) can be applied to AUTOSAR software components.

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Harnessing an AUTOSAR Software Component

Automated Testing (COM Interface)

AUTOSAR Reference


AUTOSAR Cruise Control Composition





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