BK4060 Waveform Generator

The BK4060 Transform is used to control a B&K Precision dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator. The Transform supports models 4063, 4064, and 4065.


The BK4060 series of devices use the USB Test & Measurement Class interface (USBTMC) rather than COM ports. Install NI-VISA to automatically add this driver to the system.

To set up the generator for USBTMC control, from the Utility button menu, press Interface to select the interface. Press USB Setup and select USBTMC, then select Done. See 3.7 Utility Functions in the BK Precision User Manual.


Set these properties on the Transform:  

Device Name – Select the device from the drop-down list. (The name is similar to GPIB device naming format.)

Wave Command Type - Select Basic Wave for a Transform that has ports used to produce unmodulated signals.   Selecting Modulation Wave adds ports that are used to produce modulated signals. For AM or FM waves, select Modulation Wave.




Basic Wave Configuration


Modulation Wave Configuration


Use the User Command port in a TestCase to enter control and query commands.  Refer to the BK Precision 4060 Series Programming Manual for detail.

You can use the Requests and Responses ports to monitor commands sent and responses to queries.

The ports that are labeled CH1 (Channel 1) or CH2 (Channel 2) correspond to parameters you can set on the front panel of the device.

For a definition of the ports, refer to the BK Precision 4060 Series Programming Manual. For more information, see the BK Precision User Manual.


NOTE:  Make sure your TestCases are sufficiently long so all specified messages are sent. The pacing of message transmissions is under the control of the USBTMC drivers and cannot be changed.



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