There are multiple ways ECU diagnostics can be tested with MxSuite. Sample projects installed with MxVDev illustrate some of these approaches:

The Diagnostics sample project shows how to use a virtual bus and built-in support for CAN-TP (ISO 15765) to send and receive diagnostic CAN messages to an MxVMC virtual ECU.

The SIL\DiagSample project demonstrates using SIL Easy for a security algorithm, using Transport Protocol (TP) Transforms, Diagnostic Transforms, and routing data to a virtual ECU.

Before using sample projects, select Help->Copy Samples from the main menu to copy the projects to a folder of your choice. The default destination is \MxSuiteSamples under your user directory. This enables you to make changes to the sample project files.

hmtoggle_plus1Defining Diagnostic Messages in the Signal Dictionary
hmtoggle_plus1SIL\DiagSample Project (Using Mx‑TransIt)


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