When two or more Jobs in a Scenario have the same preconditions, they start at the same time and execute concurrently (in parallel).

Concurrent execution is useful for creating stressful conditions by running independent tests in parallel. It can also be helpful when you have a very large number of Signals. See Signal List.

All transitions have a time stamp. Transitions on the stimulus Signals in each executing TestCase are transmitted to the Harness in time order, using the selected clock.

Conflicting Transitions

Using the same stimulus Signal in concurrent TestCases is allowed, but greatly increases the complexity of your test. In this configuration, transitions to the Signal can originate from multiple TestCases. The transitions are transmitted in time order, regardless of their source. Two transitions on the same Signal at the same time is an undefined situation and may lead to unpredictable results.

Use the Show Actual Values option to plot transitions on a Signal from all sources.

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