Constants and Calibrations

To access the Constants and Calibrations tab, select View->Constants from the MxVDev  main menu.

Select All Constants View to see all Constants and their default values.

To add a Constant, right-click and select Add from the context menu.

To Edit or Delete a Constant, select it and right-click.

All Constants View with context menu

All Constants View with context menu

To view the lower pane, select Calibrations View. Select a group to display its contents.

To add a Constant to a tag group, select the Constant, select the Group, and click the down arrow. To remove a Constant from the Group, select it and click the up arrow.

The Constant Gain is in the GainSweep Tag group

The Constant Gain is in the GainSweep Tag group

Note: Calibration groups are defined in the Tags tab in Project Settings.

To activate a tag, use Reactive Code, for example:


The current value of a Constant is based on the active tag. In the example above, the Constant Gain has a value of 70, because the tag High is active. If no tag is active, the Constant has its default value.

To use a Constant as the value of a transition, see Editing Test Patterns.

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