Container Transforms hold other Transforms. MxTransIt displays Container Transforms gray.



CAN Signals Packer/Unpacker

Used to pack ECU CAN signals into messages or unpack messages into signals. Messages transmitted between ECUs within the container are not available outside the container.

Use the Properties box to select the CAN database (.dbc) file, the Data Flow (transmit or receive), and the Packing Option (pack or unpack).

Parallel Execution

Simultaneously execute Transforms using a thread-pool tailored to the available CPU cores. For example, four threads are created on a four-core CPU.  The threads are allocated to the contained Transforms  until they have all completed their task.  This is useful for performing processor intensive tasks, such as are performed by the Image Recognition transform.  (Note: Since the contained Transforms are processed concurrently, there can be no signals that pass between them.)


A container to hold and hide other Transforms. This can be used to simplify large Harnesses and to share subsystems between projects, users, and PCs.

hmtoggle_plus1Creating a new Container Transform


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