Creating and Editing a Test Harness (MxTransit™)


MxTransit is the tool you can use to create and edit a Virtual Wiring Harness that connects MxSuite to your SUT. You can develop the Harness concurrently with Scenarios and TestCases in MxVDev or develop it independently.

To familiarize yourself with the basic functions and capabilities of MxTransit, review the concepts in MxTransIt Overview and follow the procedure in Getting Started with MxTransIt.

Before designing your own Harness, consider the guidelines outlined in Designing a Test Harness.

For more information on how to create and edit your Harness, see MxTransIt Overview, MxTransIt Editor, and MxTransIt Model.

In this Section:

Getting Started with MxTransIt

MxTransIt Overview

MxTransIt Automation

Designing a Test Harness

MxTransIt Model

MxTransIt Editor


Properties Box

Editing Ports

Exporting Ports

Timing and Performance Considerations for Co‑Simulation



Transform File Locations

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