Data Acquisition Transforms

The MxSuite supports a variety of Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices. This table lists the standard DAQ transforms provided with MxTransIt. You can also connect to similar devices by creating a Custom Transform or using SIL Easy.




Interfaces to a BCS Ideas RP00003232N USB Digital Data Acquisition board. See HIL Sample Project.

Data Translation DT9812

Interfaces to a Data Translation DT9812 USB Digital Data Acquisition board. See HIL Sample Project.

MCC USB Device

Controls a Measurement Computing USB device. Tested with a USB-3105. See MCC USB.


Interfaces with National Instruments E, M, and X-series data acquisition cards. For more details, see Analog Input Ports on NI DAQ Devices.

Connecting to a Device

The procedure is similar for using all these devices:

1.Connect the hardware as instructed by the device manufacturer.

2.Install the driver on your PC.

3.Open MxTransIt and move the appropriate transform into the Harness window.

4.Select the device using the transform's Selected Device property.

The ports on the transform correspond to the inputs and outputs on the device. This example shows the BCS Ideas DAQ transform. You can use the Transform‑>Edit Ports command to rename the ports if desired.


5.Set the other properties, such as Tick Period, according to the needs of your test.

6.Export the ports.

7.Now you can use TestCases to send Stimulus signals and read Response signals as you would for any MxTransIt transform. Specify the signal type (continuous or discrete) to correspond to the type of the device's input or output.

Note: The input channels on a DAQ device are connected to the response/outports of the transform. Output channels are connected to stimulus/inports.

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