Debugging Access Violations and Other Memory Overruns

It can be difficult to diagnose and debug memory access violations, buffer overruns, and other issues with reading from and writing to volatile memory. This can be especially problematic because the manifestation of the error may be much later in time than the actual cause of the issue.  Many issues can be resolved by not ignoring and analyzing compiler warnings regarding undeclared functions or typecast issues.  However, MxVDev provides a few methods to assist in diagnosing and finding these issues in a timely fashion.

hmtoggle_plus11. Link against the debug SUT libraries
hmtoggle_plus12. Enable the MxV Heap internal debug checks
hmtoggle_plus13. Perform a code review on pointer access and type casts (non runtime)
hmtoggle_plus14. (Advanced) Convert array variables to use heap detection during simulation

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