Disconnect/Connect Harness


The Disconnect Harness command breaks the connection between MxVDev and the Test Harness. This enables you to work in Visual Studio without file-in-use conflicts. Disconnecting the harness is equivalent to unplugging a wiring harness. It does not change the Signal Dictionary or any Signal. You cannot run tests while the harness is disconnected. The Connect Harness command restores the system to its previous state.

To disconnect the harness, choose one of the following:

Click the Disconnect Test Harness icon ( Disconnect) in the toolbar.

Select Simulation->Disconnect Harness from the menu.

Press Alt-D.

Choose one of the following to reconnect the harness:

Click the Connect Test Harness icon ( Reconnect) in the toolbar.

Select Simulation->Connect Harness from the menu.

Press Alt-C.

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