Driver Update for COMMDongle

Driver Software Update  

Step 1: Uninstall previous software package.  

Before installing the new package, please do the following driver uninstallation:  

a.Close all applications that are using a CommDongle device(s).  

b.Unplug all the CommDongles from your computer.

c.Start Task Manager and make sure the DongleDriver.exe process has stopped running. If it is still running, manually terminate the process.  

d.From the Windows Start menu, select:

All Programs->add2->CommDongle USB Driver V1.x->Uninstall Driver  

Windows Start Menu

Windows Start Menu

e.Follow the instructions on the screen to remove the old driver package. You should see the following message box in the end of the process.  


Step 2: Get the latest driver software package (Add2 USB Dongle Firmware and Driver from Danlaw. Unzip the package to find a file name in the following format:


Step 3: Run the installation following the instructions on the screen.  Note that the CommDongle device should not be connected yet.  


Step  4: During  installation, a pop-up Windows Device driver installation wizard should appear. Select default Next button until finished.  


Step 5: Once the installation is finished, plug in your CommDongle device. At this stage Windows asks your permission to install new driver software, please let it to choose the driver package automatically, as shown in the picture in the next page. Note that during this stage the ST (or STA) LED cycle is Green/Red-Red-Red-off.  Follow the wizard until finished.  

After the driver has been successfully installed, the Green LED on ST (or STA) should be ON permanently.  


Note for step 5:  For Windows 7 and Windows 8, the driver is automatically and silently installed when the device is plugged in. Windows will only ask for permission to install driver package signed by add2 Ltd.