This Transform is used to determine/calculate the Frequency, Duty Cycle, Up Time, Down Time, and Cycle Count of input wave Signals. The signal may be digital or analog.


Use the Properties box to specify the following properties:






High To Low Threshold Level is used to calculate down time of the Signal.

Low To High Threshold Level is used to calculate up time of the Signal.

Trigger specifies if the Transform counts up pulses or down pulses:

If this property is set to “ Rising Edge” then it counts up pulses (Tstart = Up time).

If property is set to “Falling Edge” then it counts down pulses (Tstart = Down time)



1.By default, the “High To Low Threshold Level” and “Low To High Threshold Level” is 0.05. Threshold levels are used to calculate all the required parameters. Threshold levels specify the start and end of a cycle.

2.By default the Trigger property is set to Rising Edge.

3.Outport values update according to the “Trigger” property.

All outports (Frequency, CycleCount, UpTime, DownTime and DutyCycle) update on every rising edge if Trigger is set to Rising Edge, and in each falling edge if the trigger is set to Falling Edge.

The Edge Counter Transform has 2 inports and 5 outports.


Reset: When the Reset port receives a transition, the outports are set to 0.

Period: This value in milliseconds is used when calculating the Duty Cycle.

In: The numeric input Signal that is analyzed by the Transform. It may be a digital or analog Signal.



The number of Cycles/sec.

It can be calculated if more than one cycle is present.

Frequency = 1/Period (the period of the Signal from Tstart to Tstart)


Duty cycle can be calculated if more than one cycle is present.

The Signal’s duty cycle can go as high as 100%.

Duty cycle = (Tstart-Tend)/Tperiod)

Unit : percentage (%)

In the case of a 0% or 100% duty cycle, the Signal may appear as a flat line. Specifying an expected period (with the Period inport) allows the Transform to be better able to detect these cases. Setting the Period port to zero disables period prediction.


Number of cycles on the In Signal (count of the Tstart).


Time stamp of the signal going inactive.

Unit : ms


Time stamp of the signal going active.

Unit: ms



1.Input = Pulse Train Signals with frequency 100 and duty cycle 60%.






2.Input = Sine wave with frequency 50 and duty cycle 50%.





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