Exercise - Attaching Signals

In the Invert Sample, add the following code to Main.c.

      uint8 InSig;

      uint8 OutSig;

      void Task_10ms(void)


            OutSig = InSig + 10;


1.Rebuild the project.

2.Attach to InSig, OutSig and Task_10ms using either the Connecting Signals dialog or Data Routing.

3.Create a new Scenario and set up an Execution Model test case to execute Task_10ms every 10 milliseconds.

4.In MSVC, set a breakpoint on the function Task_10ms and verify that you can cause this function to be invoked from MxVDev.

5.Create a second TestCase that allows you to manipulate InSig and see the behavior of OutSig.

6.Use a Scenario to execute the two test cases concurrently and verify that OutSig is modified appropriately when InSig is changed in the test case.

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