You can export both specified transitions and actual transitions from TestCases. The data is exported to files in CSV Matrix format as described in Importing Test Data. If the Test has not been run, the actual results file is empty.

The exported file can be used as External Data for a DataBlock.


If your file contains quotation marks, Excel is not recommended for editing as it may add or remove quotation marks unexpectedly.

If you are working with an existing project, you may need to set Backward Compatibility options to use the old format. These options are not recommended for new projects.

Be sure the TestCase is saved before exporting. An unsaved TestCase is marked with an asterisk as shown here:


To export transition data from a TestCase, use any of the following methods:

Select TestCase->Export to CSV from the MxVDev main menu.

Right-click in the plot area of a TestCase and select TestCase->Export to CSV.

Right-click on a TestCase file in the Project Explorer and select Export to CSV. (Actual results are only available if the TestCase is in an open Scenario.)


After export, the following dialog displays the file names. Select the file and click Yes to view it.



Export All TestCases to CSV

To export transition data from all the TestCases in a folder, right-click on the folder in the Project Explorer and select Export All TestCases to CSV.



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