hmtoggle_plus11. What files from the MxNet folder are used in a build?
hmtoggle_plus12. Is it mandatory to have the Trace32 Folder inside the MxSuite project location?
hmtoggle_plus13. Is it mandatory to have a folder named ‘Trace32’?
hmtoggle_plus14. Is it mandatory to have a ‘Build’ folder in Trace32 Folder?
hmtoggle_plus15. Is it mandatory for the executable to be in .elf file format?
hmtoggle_plus16. Can we use a processor or controller other than NXP?
hmtoggle_plus17. Can we use other compilers?
hmtoggle_plus18. Can we use any other Debug Interface Device?
hmtoggle_plus19. Where can we get Lauterbach PRACTICE Scripts (.cmm) for my processor?
hmtoggle_plus110. What changes should be made to PRACTICE Scripts (.cmm)?
hmtoggle_plus111. Is RLM mandatory to run TRACE32?
hmtoggle_plus112. What is the format of the AppIF.c  and AppIF.h Files?


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