The Find and Replace command enables you to locate and change the following:

Scenario file names

TestCase file names (Optionally, you can update all Scenarios that contain the renamed TestCases.)

Signal names

This command is useful in the following situations:

If a change is made in the Harness, you can update TestCases and Signals to match.

If you have an existing set of Scenarios and TestCases, you can modify them to work with a new SUT.

If you change the name or purpose of a Signal, you can find all TestCases where it is used and change it where necessary.

To delete a group of Signals or TestCases.


Renaming a signal does not add it to the Signal Dictionary. The renamed signal will not be in the Signal Dictionary, unless it is already there. To update, see Using the Signal Dictionary.

This command does not change the TestCase's internal name.

Use this procedure:

1.Click Find-btn in the Standard Toolbar, press Ctrl-F, or select Edit->Find and Replace from the main menu.


2.Use the check boxes to select the type of data to search: Scenario file names, TestCase file names, or Signal names. You can Find all data types at once, but you can only use Replace with one data type at a time.

3.Select the Find, Replace, or Remove tab.

4.Enter the Search string in the Find what box.

5.If you selected the Replace tab, enter the substitution string in the Replace with box.
For TestCases, click the check box to update all Scenarios as well as the TestCase files.


6.Check the boxes in the Look-in tree to specify which folders to search. If you selected the Signals button, you can also specify individual TestCase files to search. Click on + to show subfolders and contents of a folder.

7.Click Match case for a case-sensitive search. (In a case-sensitive search, "Init" does not match "init".)

8.Click Match whole word to find the search string only when it is used as a whole word. For example, in a whole-word search, the search string "Init" finds the Signals "Init" and "SUT Init", but not a Signal named "Initialize".

9.Choose one of the following:

If you selected the Find tab, click the Find All button.

To replace all matched strings, click the Replace All button.

To  delete all matched Scenarios, TestCases, or Signals, click the Remove All button.

Use this procedure to replace or remove a subset of the matched strings:

a)Click the Find Next button to list all matches.

b)Click the Replace button to replace the strings in the indicated file, click Remove to delete the found item, or click the Find Next button again to skip to the next file without making changes.
The indicated file is bolded as shown here:



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