Getting Started with the Invert Sample Project

The Invert Sample Project

The Invert sample project is placed in the installation folder during installation of the MxSuite. This project is an example of a very simple SIL test using a single MxVMC. The application code has one input signal and one output signal, both of which may only take a value of zero or one. It is called Invert because the code simply inverts the input signal to generate the output signal: zero becomes one, and one becomes zero.

Loading the Project

1.Copy the project to your user folder so you can save any changes you make:

a.Select Help->Copy Samples from the main menu.

b.Click InvertSample and any other sample projects you wish to use.

c.Click the Copy button.
The system copies the project files to ...\Documents\MxSuiteSamples in your user folder.

d.Click the Close button.

2.Select File‑>Open‑>Project from the main menu.

3.Use the Open dialog box to navigate to the InvertSample folder created in step 1.

4.Select the MxV.mxp project file.

In the MxVDev main window, you can see that the Invert project contains three jobs (Init, Tick, and InvertTest) and a scenario called InvertExample.  You can click the Run button Run_btn to execute the scenario. To repeat the test, click Rewind Rewind_btn, then Run again.

The Invert project is a SIL project. The SUT is an MxVMC generated by Visual Studio.

When a project with an MxVMC is loaded, a window similar to the following is opened. Do not close the window.


Open the SUT Code in Visual Studio

To view the SUT code:

1. Disconnect the Harness.

2.  Click EditHarness-btn to open MxTransIt.

3. In MxTransIt, click on the MxVMC Transform to display its Properties box.

4. Click the Launch Project Verb.


The next step is to take a look at the source code.