Browse Buttons HelpButtons-browse

Click on the browse buttons to move through these Help topics. The browse sequence does not work within topics.

Topic Table of Contents HelpButtons-atoc

Click this button to display the headings in the current topic. Click in the topic directory to scroll to that heading. Click the button again to close the topic directory. This button is available only for long topics.

A Topic Directory

A Topic Directory

Show/Hide Hidden Text HelpButtons-toggle

Click the Hidden Text button to expand or close all toggle text in the topic. Toggle text is marked with the hmtoggle_plus0 icon. To expand individual toggles, click on the marked heading. This button is active only for topics with toggle text.

Print Topic HelpButtons-Print

Click this button to print the current topic. This button generates a better format than your browser's Print command.

E-mail Danlaw HelpButtons-email

Click this button to open an e-mail message for Danlaw MxSuite Support. A reference to the Help topic you are viewing is included in the message. You can add your own question or comments.

The Chrome browser creates an unnecessary blank tab when you click this button. You can close the tab. The e-mail application opens correctly.

Hide Navigation Pane


Click the Hide Navigation Pane button to hide the Navigation (contents) pane and allow more space for the topic text. Click it again to display the pane.