MxVision™ Image Recognition Guide

1.To use image recognition first follow installation steps to make sure that all of the components are installed.

2.Choose the camera/optical system to be used. Make sure the camera can take clear and focused images of the system under test. Make sure that camera and system under test are rigidly attached to the test bench or relative to each other.

3.Create an MxVDev project and set up TestCases and Scenarios. Test that they put the system in the desired visual state.

4.At this point, default image directories should be set up.

5.Set up and configure the camera and add the camera transform that controls the camera to the Harness in MxTransIt. See Camera Transforms.

6.Set up a scenario in MxVDev to capture a full image. Anytime the camera is moved, a new full image is required.

7.Configure Image Recognition in MxTransIt to test desired visual state. Now a new signal can be added to the test.

8.Repeat steps 6 and 7 to configure all desired Image Recognition signals.

hmtoggle_plus1Default Directory Structure
hmtoggle_plus1Capture Full Images

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