MxVision™ Component Installation

MxVision uses National Instrument libraries for image acquisition and recognition algorithms. An NI Vision Development Module Run-Time License is required to use MxVision. This license covers both NI Vision Run-Time Engine and NI Vision Acquisition.

Follow these installation steps to ensure that the system is set up properly.

1.Install camera drivers: Obtain and install drivers from the camera manufacturer or vendor. (Some cameras might require a manufacturer utility to set up.)

2.Install NI Vision RTE: NI Vision Development Module Runtime (Installer will ask for license.)

3.Install NI IMAQdx: NI Vision Acquisition Software (Installer uses the license used by VDM.)
Note: Only IMAQdx and the Measurement & Automation Explorer modules are required. The other components may be excluded from installation to reduce installation time:


4.Connect the camera to a PC and power up camera.

5.Start NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX): (..\Program Files\National Instruments\MAX\)
The installed Camera should show up under "IMAQdx Devices" in the Configuration tree if installation was successful. Now the camera can be configured.
Note: Wait a few seconds for Ethernet cameras to acquire a network address and show up in the MAX Configuration.


6.National Instruments provides a Font Training Utility used for OCR (Optical Character Recognition). To run this utility, NI LabVIEW Run Time Engine (32 bit or 64 bit) is required.

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