MxVision™ Image Recognition Overview

MxVision Image Recognition supports most everything that you need for testing Clusters, HVAC, Navigation, TFT Displays, and other automotive HMI interfaces.  The capability can be used for numerous other purposes, for example:

To detect the position of mechanical parts such as the position of latches, windows, and wipers.

As a simple non-invasive detection of whether lights are on or off.


High Performance PC

DirectShow (USB Webcam) or GigE Camera

NI Vision Development Module Run Time License - License covers NI Vision Development Module Runtime Engine and NI Vision Acquisition. This license can be purchased from Danlaw or directly from National Instruments.

NI Vision Development Module Runtime - used by image recognition algorithms

NI Vision Acquisition IMAQdx driver (used for camera acquisition )

(optional) NI LabVIEW Run Time Engine (free) used by NI Vision Utilities: 32 bit or 64 bit

MxVision enables you to design a test environment to periodically acquire images, detect presence of patterns, changes in multi-state patterns, changes in color, recognition of meter-style needles, and text recognition.

An example of MxVision components as a Transform web graph in MxTransit:


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