Test data is available from many sources.  For example, test case generators and data acquisition devices are potential sources for test data.  It is likely that this data can be directly imported into the MxVDev environment.  The supported source file formats are:

CSV Files

MxLog Files

VectorCAN Log Files

Statemate Log Files

With a little bit of programming, it is straightforward to import data from other file formats.

To import data for a single Signal, you can use the External Data Source property.

To start the import wizard for one of the following file formats, select File->Import‑>TestCase Data from the main menu.

hmtoggle_plus1Importing CSV Files
hmtoggle_plus1Importing MxLog Files
hmtoggle_plus1Importing Vector CAN Log Files
hmtoggle_plus1Importing Statemate Log Files


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