MxVDev enables you to perform transformations on Signal data as it propagates from MxVDev into the Virtual Wiring Harness (or as data comes back from the Virtual Wiring Harness).  These transforms have just one input port and one output port. Inline transforms on response Signals operate on Signal data as it enters MxVDev. They do not affect data transmitted to Transforms in MxTransIt.

You do not need MxTransIt to set up these transforms, you configure them directly from the Signal Dictionary.  You can choose a Linear Transform which allows you to set just a scaling and offset, or a C# Snippet Transform which allows you to create quite powerful signal transformation algorithms.  No external compiler is needed.  MxVDev performs the compilation using built in capabilities of .Net.

hmtoggle_plus1Linear Transforms
hmtoggle_plus1C# Snippet Transforms


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