Introduction to the MxSuite™



The MxSuite™ is a comprehensive, automated platform for verification and validation of real-time embedded control systems. Components of the suite can be used throughout the product-development life-cycle to improve quality, efficiency, reuse, and communication.

Advantages of the MxSuite

With the MxSuite, you can enhance your testing system to create tests with all the following advantages:

Automated - You can run your tests automatically with a Continuous Integration system such as Jenkins or Cruise Control, or you can run them as needed whenever your system changes.

Repeatable - With automated testing, you can be sure nothing is overlooked. And you can compare current results to previous tests.

Flexible - You can use the same tests on similar, but different, systems using MxSuite features such as tags, calibration sets, and variant DataBlocks. You can also use TestCases from one project in another project, for example to replace a software model with hardware.

Documented - The Regression Test function creates a record of test results that can be archived, distributed to other users, and shared with your customers.

Graphical - Tests and test results are presented in a graphical format that's easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-change.


To download, install, and license the MxSuite, use the instructions provided here: Installation and Licensing

Things Can You Test

You can use MxSuite throughout the embedded system development process. The SUT may consist of:

The source code in a single source file (SIL)

The source code in a set of C files that comprise a sub-system. (AUTOSAR-compliant code can be harnessed automatically.)

The full Application Layer of a real-time embedded controller

Source code generated from a modeling tool such as Simulink™ (MIL)

A Simulink model

A complete electronic module (HIL) harnessed with:

oData acquisition cards and a custom load box

oTest equipment from National Instruments, dSPACE, and others

Lauterbach TRACE32 in-circuit emulator (ICE) or on an in-circuit debugger (ICD) (PIL)

Components of the MxSuite


The core components of the suite are:


oEnables you to graphically edit Signals that define your TestCase, and see how the outputs of the System Under Test change.

oAutomatically compares the actual outcome of the system to the expected outcome that you define.

MxTransIt™  - Manipulates the Virtual Wiring Harness that connects Signals to your SUT. It provides a layer of abstraction that means you can make changes to your SUT with little or no change to your library of TestCases. It includes a Toolbox of Transforms that allow you to harness a wide variety of SUTs.

MxServe™ - (not pictured) This component is used for installing and accessing your MxSuite license tokens.


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