Introduction to the Mx‑Suite™


The Mx-Suite™ is used for the specification, development, and testing of real-time embedded control systems. Components of the suite can be used throughout the product-development life-cycle to improve quality, efficiency, reuse, and communication.

hmtoggle_plus1Core Components
hmtoggle_plus1Capabilities of the Mx-Suite Video Demonstration
hmtoggle_plus1Using Mx-VDev Early in Development
hmtoggle_plus1Using Mx-VDev Late in Development
hmtoggle_plus1The Benefits of Mx-Suite
hmtoggle_plus1A Tool for Exercising Software
hmtoggle_plus1What Can You Test?
hmtoggle_plus1Mx-Suite for the Developer
hmtoggle_plus1Mx-Suite for the Tester


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