Use this procedure for CAN FD communication with LabVIEW.

Configuration of Transform Properties

Click on the NI LabVIEW/LabVIEW-RT Transform to select it and display its Properties Box.

1.Select the CAN IO Mode to be used for communication. There are three IO modes.        

CAN: Standard CAN. The message length is 0 to 8 bytes.

CANFd: CAN FD. The message length is 0 to 64 bytes.

CANFd+BRS: CAN FD. The message length is 0 to 64 bytes. A higher bit rate for data phase is used.

2.Provide the Server Name/IP and Server Port to communicate with LabVIEW.

3.Provide Server Name/IP of remote PC.

4.Set the Server Port to 5482.



After configuring all properties, click the Enumerate Verb.

The Transform is populated similar to the example here:



Sample Harness

This example shows a typical harness for LabVIEW with CAN FD testing.



Import the CAN FD DBC file, which contains data bytes of more than 8 bytes, to CAN Transmit Driver and CAN Receiver Driver Transforms.


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