If you are using MxServe 2.0 or higher, you can lend tokens from your token pool to another computer. This is useful, for example, to loan tokens to a laptop for a trip or to work at home. You can also lend tokens from one token pool to another where they are temporarily needed. The lending server is called the parent; the borrowing server is called the child.


When tokens are loaned, they are removed from the lending (parent) token pool. While loaned, they cannot be accessed on the parent server.

Loaned tokens have an expiration date.

When tokens expire, they are automatically returned to the lending token pool.

There is a 28-day limit on the duration of the loan.

You can lend loaned tokens again, forming a chain.

You can return tokens before they expire using the Kill function.

To lend tokens, there must be a sufficient number in the parent token pool.

Use this procedure to lend tokens:

hmtoggle_plus11. Generate the Site Code
hmtoggle_plus12. Generate the License Key
hmtoggle_plus13. Validate the License Key


hmtoggle_plus1Returning Loaned Tokens (Kill License)


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