Danlaw uses a Token License Model to authorize the use of the capabilities of the MxSuite.  Briefly this is how it works:

The MxSuite has many separate components that we call MxComponents. The MxComponents are easily identifiable features or capabilities of the MxSuite.  You may plan to use some of them on a regular basis, while using others only occasionally, or not at all.

When you purchase a license to use the MxSuite you actually purchase a number of tokens.  The tokens reside in a token pool on a computer we call a Token Host.

Each MxComponent has an associated charge measured in Tokens. When you use that component a debit is made against a Token Pool. When you stop using the component, the Token Pool is credited by that same number of Tokens.

If you attempt to use a component when there are insufficient Tokens remaining in the pool, the component will not start.

The MxSuite Price List itemizes and describes the available MxComponents and their associated token charge.

hmtoggle_plus1Types of Tokens
hmtoggle_plus1Token Pool Configurations
hmtoggle_plus1License Tools (MxServe Monitor and MxV License Manager)
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