Use this Transform to filter particular messages from a LIN bus and decode the messages to deliver the individual signals into the Harness.

Note: If you use this Transform with a LIN bus, be sure that the same bus is not simulated in MxVDev.

Basic Configuration

1.Click on the Transform to display its Properties box.

2.Click 3dots_button in the LIN Database property to display the LIN Bus Configuration form.

Click to expand.

Click to expand.

3.Use the Add or Browse button to select the LDF file associated with the bus.

4.Select one or more nodes to Receive From.

5.Select a Schedule Table. Schedule Tables are defined in the LDF.

6.If you are performing Diagnostic testing, select schedule tables for Diagnostic Request and Diagnostic Response.

7.Click OK. The signals used by the selected nodes become outports on the transform.

8.Use the Transform's Property box to select the LIN Version.


9.Set the Name property to the exact same name as the LIN bus configured in MxVDev or used on other Transforms. See Network Configuration. This changes the name of the port on the Transform.

10.Export the inport if it is to be connected to the bus in MxVDev.

The operation of the LIN Receive Driver is similar to the CAN Receive Driver. For an example using the CAN Receive Driver transform, see Testing CAN Signals.

To transmit information to the bus, see LIN Transmit Driver.

LIN SNA Signals

SNA (Signal Not Available) is a logical value superimposed on a Signal. MxSuite breaks out the SNA as a separate logic Signal. This avoids display issues such as a Signal with a large SNA value that could overwhelm the actual data.

The SNA Signals are associated with LIN Receive Driver ports that have SNA values assigned in the LDF. If a LIN response Signal uses a signal representation (similar to an MxSuite Enum Set) with a value of “SNA”, then a port called <FrameName>·<SignalName>_SNA is added to the receive driver. If you want to monitor a Signal’s SNA state, export the _SNA Signal from the Receive Driver and add it to your TestCase.

When the first Signal is set to the SNA value the _SNA Signal transitions to 1, and back to 0 zero when the Signal is available again. The first Signal does not show data during the SNA ticks.


In the example above, transitions 2 and 3 on the LIN Network 1 bus have the Signal set to SNA.

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