The most direct method of editing Signal values is using a mouse as described in Editing Test Patterns. For a demonstration, see Editing Signals. There are many other methods you can use to define or edit Signals. These other methods may be more useful or convenient in many cases.

Transition List (and Signal List is very useful for setting up a set of initial values)

Accept Results (for output Signals)

Interactive Test

Record from an Interactive Test

Copy from another Signal or from within a Signal

Import from CSV or from a vector bus trace file

Signal Generators (predefined or using C# to define an arbitrarily complex pattern)

Reactive TestCases

External Data source

The Undo and Redo functions are also useful.

In this Section:

Signal Properties

Editing Test Patterns

Drag and Drop Signals

Renaming a Signal

Find and Replace Signal Names

Accept Results


Signal List

Using the Transition List

Probes and Overrides

Combination Generator

Comparing Image Signals

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