Math transforms perform mathematical operations on signals.



Absolute Value

Outputs the absolute value of the input.


Outputs the sum of all input signals.  

To subtract, use the Port Properties to change a port type to Subtract. The input value of that port is multiplied by -1, then added to the other port values, effectively performing a subtraction.



Outputs a constant value specified in its properties.


Outputs numerator divided by denominator.

Inverse Scale & Offset

Output = (Input - Offset) / Scale
This is the inverse of the Scale & Offset transform.  Scale and Offset values are specified in its properties.  


Performs a logical inversion. Input of 0 produces an output of 1.  Input of 1 produces an output of 0.


Min = the smallest of the input signals.  Max = the greatest of the input signals.


Out = the product of the input signals. To divide, use the Transform->Edit Ports command or the Port Properties to change the port type to Divide.

Scale & Offset

Output = (Input x Scale) + Offset
Scale and Offset values are specified in the Transform's properties.

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