Use this procedure to merge two or more DataBlocks into one:

1.Move the mouse over the lower edge of the signal plot area to display the DataBlock. A red line shows the area of the DataBlock.


2.Hold down the Ctrl key and click to select the first DataBlock. The DataBlock line changes from red to blue.

3.Still holding down the Ctrl key, move the mouse over the second DataBlock and click to select it. Repeat to select additional DataBlocks.

4.Right-click to display the DataBlock context menu. (Do not move the mouse before right-clicking.)

5.Select Merge from the menu.


6.Select Preserve Left Properties or Preserve Right Properties. The DataBlock Properties from the selected DataBlock are applied to the new merged DataBlock.

Note: If you are merging 3 or more DataBlocks and you wish to preserve the properties of one of the middle DataBlocks, perform the merge in two steps. First merge the middle DataBlock with the DataBlocks to the left and select Preserve Right Properties. Then merge the new DataBlock with the remaining DataBlocks.

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