The MOST Receive Driver Transform receives MOST signals from a MOST bus using the K2L Automotive Test System (ATS). The Transform can receive messages from connected Fblocks using a bench or from simulated Fblocks.

Select the MOST Receive Driver Transform from the MxTransIt Toolbox.

Configuring the Transform – Loading MOST XML Catalog and K2L MAG Generated DLL File

Use this procedure to configure the MOST Receive Driver Transform:

1.In the MOST Transform's Select K2L Generated dll File property, click on the browse button (3dots_button) to display the MOST Receive Signals form.


2.Add the MOST Catalog XML file.

3.Add the MOST Function DLL file. These files are generated by the K2L MAG.

4.Click the load button to load all Fblocks.

5.In the Receive for column, select the Fblocks that you want to be connected and used for receiving messages.

6.Set the instance Id in the Instance Id column.

7.Specify the Destination Id and the Source ID (SrcId) for each selected FBlock. If you don’t specify anything, the Transform acts as a shadow connects to Fblocks (real on the bench or simulated). If the IDs are specified, the Transform connects directly to the MOST bus.

8.Click the OK button to generate ports for the Transform.

All outports for the selected Fblocks are automatically generated on the MOST Receive Driver Transform.  Since it is a Receive transform, all ports except Rx_RawMessageFilter are outports. The ports are labeled with the same format as Transmit Driver ports.

9.Export necessary ports.


Note: In this MOST Receive Driver transform continuously monitors the MOST bus for the MOST ID (FblockId.InstanceId.FktId.OpType), Destination ID, and Source ID specified by exported output ports/Signals to analyze.

10.Click MR5 to save the Harness.


Creating TestCases and Transitions

Configure the Transform by selecting the required Fblocks to Receive for and to test.

In MxVDev, create a TestCase and use the Pick Signals dialog to select Signals.

Note: Since this is a receive driver Transform, all Signals are of type Response.

Use the same method to create transitions as described for the MOST Transmit Driver.

hmtoggle_plus1Rx RawMessageFilter Signal
hmtoggle_plus1Rx_RawMessage Signal



The TestCase should look something like the following:


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