The MOST VNode Transform simulates MOST Fblocks and updates the shadows on the MOST bus using the K2L Automotive Test System (ATS). You can choose any MOST FBlock to simulate on the bench in the absence of an actual module. It will respond automatically when it gets the request message on the MOST bus. Also it reports the Status of the FBlock when the input states are changed by the user test case.

Configuring the Transform – Loading MOST XML Catalog and K2L MAG Generated DLL Files

Use this procedure to configure the MOST VNode Transform:

1.Select the MOST VNode Transform from the MxTransIt Toolbox.

Note: If the K2L ATS Service is not installed, the Transform is not available.

2.In the MOST Transform's Select K2L Generated dll File property, click on the browse button (3dots_button) to display the MOST Generate FBlock form.

3.Add the MOST catalog and K2L MAG dll as mentioned earlier.

4.Click the load button, to load all Fblocks.


5.Select the Fblocks for simulation by checking in the Simulate and Transmit for column.

6.Click OK to generate the ports on the Transform.

All Inports and Outports for the selected Fblocks are automatically generated on the MOST Transform.


Since it’s an FBlock transform, both inports and outports are present.

The ports are labeled with the same format as Transmit Driver ports. This transform is initially loaded with default values for all its parameters from the supplied XML catalog file.

6.Export necessary ports.

7.Save (Save) the Harness.

Multiple Instances of VNode Transforms

You can create multiple VNode transforms. For example, one Transform with an Amplifier FBlock and another with an EnhancedTestability FBlock.


You can also use two different instances of VNode Transforms with the same FBlock.  For example, one VNode Transform with Amplifier with Instance Id 1 and another VNode Transform with Amplifier and Instance Id 2.

Creating a TestCase

1.Configure the Transform by selecting the required Fblocks to receive and To Test.

2.In MxVDev, create a TestCase and use the Pick Signals dialog to select Signals.

Note: Since this is a FBlock Transform, Signals can be of both stimulus and response types.

Setting Time Tolerances in MxVDev TestCase

Time tolerance settings are necessary to make a TestCase pass, because response Signals may possess some latency, which otherwise results in a failure.

Use TestCase Properties to set time tolerances.

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