Failure Indications

A failure of a test occurs when an actual result does not match the expected result within certain time and value tolerances.  There are several ways that failures are made apparent.

A summary of the outcome of a Scenario is shown in the Pass/Fail column under the Jobs tab on the Scenario form.  A black P is displayed for each Job that passes. A red F is displayed for jobs that fail.

A list of all failures is displayed under the Failure Log panel (Main Menu->View->Failure Log). Double clicking any line in the panel brings the associated TestCase to the fore and the cursor is placed over the failure.

For signals that have failures, the failure icon is displayed to the right of the signal plot. This indicates that there are discrepancies between the actual and expected results for this signal.


If you scan across a signal that has failures you can see the location of each failure is indicated by a thin pink horizontal Failure Bar at the failed step.

If you mouse over the Failure Bar, you can see a pop-up message which explains why the failure was detected.

Note that the information about failures is available while the Scenario executes, you do not have to wait until it completes.

Locating Failures

From the Scenario (Jobs tab) - To view the outcome of a Job that fails, right-click on the Job on the Scenario form and select Show Associated TestCase.

From the Scenario (Failure Log tab) -  To navigate to a particular failure, double-click the row in the table.  Note that you can sort the table by column, which is useful for grouping failures by order of occurrence, by type, or by TestCase,

Using the Tool Bar - You can use the Go to Next Failure  and Go to Previous Failure buttons on the toolbar to navigate from one failure to the next:  

Note that the green cursor is moved to the location of the current failure, and the failed Signal is selected when you arrive at the failure. The search for a failure always starts at the location of the green cursor in the currently selected test.  If you move the cursor or select another test, the search for the next failure starts from the new selected test and cursor location.

Stop-On-Fail Option - You can set the option called Stop test run when a failure occurs in the Project Settings under the Pass/Fail Analysis tab. When this option is checked, test execution stops when the next failure occurs.

MxVDev Watches

You can easily watch any Signal using the Watches window.  To open the window, select View‑>Watches from the main menu. To watch a Signal, click the Pick Signals button (PickSignalsIcon) at the top of the Watches window. Select the signal, and click the P> button. This is similar to setting a Probe.

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