Creating a Test Specification Report

MxVDev is able to generate a Test Specification report for an MxVDev project.

A detailed description of the report is provided in the Test Specification Overview.

To generate the report:

1.From the Main Menu select Tools->Reports.  The following form is displayed:


2.Use the default folder, or click 3dots_button to select a Destination Folder for the generated report files.

3.Select a folder in the Scenario Folders (left) box. You can select each folder included in the Default Scenario/TestCase Folders List in the Project Settings.

4.Choose Scenarios based on which file or which folder they are stored in.

5.To select Scenarios from another folder, repeat steps 3 and 4.

6.Check Landscape to produce the report in Landscape (wide) format.

7.Select Convert to PDF to convert the XML report to PDF.

a.Select Color or Grayscale for the PDF report.

b.Select Open Directory after Conversion to open the destination folder.

8.Click Generate.

The XML-based report is opened in a browser window.  To view the report at a later time, locate the file Report.TestSpecification.xml, in the Destination Folder, and double-click on the file name.

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