First Steps

If you are a new user, we suggest you follow these steps to become familiar with the MxSuite:

1.For a quick look at the features of the MxSuite, see Introduction to the MxSuite.

2.To download and install the software, follow these instructions: Installing MxSuite

3.Use these procedures to request and install your license: Licensing. As instructed, generate a site code and send it to Danlaw at

4.Next, you can take a look at the TurnDoorSample project.  The first step is to copy it to your user folder as described here.

5.Open the project and then click the green arrowhead to run it.

6.After you've seen what a project looks like, you can view this video on Creating a New Project: Getting Started Video Demonstration

7.Then follow this procedure to create your own: Getting Started with a C# Snippet

8.To learn about the MxVMC, see Getting Started with the Invert Sample Project.

9.When you are ready to create your own test, see Creating a New Test.


For more in-depth information, you may wish to study the Architectural Concepts and view all the Video Demonstrations.

You can also review the other Sample Projects.


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