MxDrive is a separately-priced system of Transforms and hardware for testing ADAS.


hmtoggle_plus1Set Up


hmtoggle_plus1MxDrive Simulator
hmtoggle_plus1MxDrive Vehicle Data Decoder
hmtoggle_plus1BSM Decoder
hmtoggle_plus1EVA Decoder
hmtoggle_plus1Inter-Vehicle Metrics
hmtoggle_plus1Proxy Transmit Transform
hmtoggle_plus1Roadside Unit Data to J2735 Converter
hmtoggle_plus1TIM Decoder
hmtoggle_plus1Vehicle Data to J2735 Converter
hmtoggle_plus1Vulnerable Road User Data to J2735 Converter



Sample Project

This is an example of a Test Harness in MxTransIt.


Sample System Diagram

This is an example using MxDrive for HIL testing.

Mx-Drive HIL - Page 1