The MxDSRC is a separately-priced hardware and software system that uses the MxSuite to test DSRC components and protocols. The system provides tests as described in these documents:

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The following test procedures are supported:

IEEE 802.11: 80211_TSS_TP_Test_Specification

IEEE 1609.2: CVNGSE_WAVESEC_TSS_TP_Test_Specification

IEEE 1609.3: CVNGSE_WAVENS_TSS_TP_Test_Specification

IEEE 1609.4: 16094_TSS_TP_Test_Specification

SAE J2945/1: J2945_1_TSS_TP_Test_Specification

For details on your specific test, see below.

hmtoggle_plus1Running an 802.11 Test
hmtoggle_plus1Running a 1609.2 Test
hmtoggle_plus1Running a 1609.3 Test
hmtoggle_plus1Running a 1609.4 Test
hmtoggle_plus1Running a J2945/1 Test


hmtoggle_plus1Hardware Requirements
hmtoggle_plus1Software Requirements


hmtoggle_plus1Configuring Security Credentials


hmtoggle_plus1Calibrating the NI System
hmtoggle_plus1Path Losses
hmtoggle_plus1Uncertainty of the Test System
hmtoggle_plus1Setting the IP Addresses and Ports