The MxPLT is not available for purchase.

MxPLT is the Danlaw Physical Layer Test Tool for MxSuite. It is a cost-effective desktop solution that automatically performs CAN Network physical layer tests and LIN conformance tests. MxPLT is an add-on option for MxSuite, the industry-leading embedded-software test environment. MxPLT reduces test time and operational costs over traditional automated testing.


hmtoggle_plus1I. Setting up the LVT Device
hmtoggle_plus1II. Setting up the PicoScope
hmtoggle_plus1III. Setting up the Mx-PLT Driver
hmtoggle_plus1IV. Generation of Test Cases
hmtoggle_plus1V. Executing Self Tests
hmtoggle_plus1VI. Self Tests
hmtoggle_plus1VII. Executing Test Cases using a Regression Test
hmtoggle_plus1VIII. Report Generation
hmtoggle_plus1Updating Firmware
hmtoggle_plus1Specifications Reference


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