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TestCase in MxVDev

MxTransit enables you to create and edit the Test Harness that connects MxVDev and your SUT.  Based on a Behavior Specification (defined in TestCases), MxVDev generates Stimulus signals, which MxTransIt  transmits to the SUT.  The SUT reacts, and produces Response signals, which MxTransIt sends back to MxVDev.  MxVDev compares the response from MxTransit to the expected response in the TestCase to determine if the test passes.

Because the signals used by MxVDev and the SUT may be in different forms, MxTransIt provides Transforms, which can be used to make MxVDev and the SUT "speak the same language."  For example, an SUT may output a voltage which indicates the level of fuel in a tank. A properly designed Transform can convert the voltage into liters or gallons of fuel remaining. MxTransIt provides a Virtual Wiring Harness, Signal Processing Transforms, and Connector Transforms.

SUT to MxVDev Connection.  Click to expand.

SUT to MxVDev Connection.  Click to expand.

The layer of abstraction provided by MxTransIt and its Transforms enables a high-level of flexibility and reusability of TestCases.  The same MxVDev TestCases and Scenarios can be used for SIL, MIL, and HIL testing.

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