MxVDev™ COM API Reference


The MxVDev COM interface is used primarily to automate the execution of a Scenario or a Regression Command File. You can use it with any .NET language, such as C# or VBScript. The API provides the following objects and their associated methods and properties:

hmtoggle_plus1Application Object
hmtoggle_plus1Project Object
hmtoggle_plus1Scenario Object
hmtoggle_plus1RegressionResult Object
hmtoggle_plus1RegressionResults Object
hmtoggle_plus1RegressionSettings Object
hmtoggle_plus1SignalFailure Object
hmtoggle_plus1TestCaseImportParameters Object


For examples of VBScripts using the COM API, see Automation.vbs in the Automation sample project folder and Automation.xls in the TurnDoorSample folder.

hmtoggle_plus1Executing a Scenario with a VBScript
hmtoggle_plus1Importing a TestCase from a CSV File


The examples below use the MxVDev COM interface to automate the execution of a Regression Command File:

hmtoggle_plus1C Sharp Automation Sample


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