Embedded systems have some form of scheduling mechanism. These mechanisms may include an RTOS, a Cyclic Scheduler, one or more Interrupt Handlers, and others. Scheduling Tasks in an MxVMC enables you to build an execution model for your test environment.

The Execution Model is the name given to the approach you take in modeling the execution of code in the actual microcontroller. If your TestCases are to provide meaningful results, you must have a realistic Execution Model. Execution Models in many cases are quite simple.

In some cases, you may create different Execution Models to test different features of the system. The Execution Model is usually fixed throughout the execution of scenario, but it does not have to be! Some examples of creating the Execution Models for different circumstances are provided below.

hmtoggle_plus1Simulating a Simple Cyclic Scheduler
hmtoggle_plus1Simulating Interrupts
hmtoggle_plus1Simulating an Event-Driven Scheduler
hmtoggle_plus1Simulating an RTOS