The NI DAQmx Transform interfaces to NI DAQ cards (E-series, M-series, X-series, and others). It has been tested with these drivers:

For MxSuite and later, NI-DAQmx runtime 17.6 or greater is required

For older versions, you can use the NI-DAQmx 14.5 driver

Also see:

Other NI drivers

For installation instructions, see Connecting to a Device.

Transform Properties

Transform Properties


Port Properties

Port Properties

The port configuration is updated when you select the Device name (in the Transform properties) and the Terminal Configuration (in the Port Properties). As of release, the entire NI X Series plus NI USB-6000, USB-6001, USB-6002, USB-6003, USB-6008, USB-6009, PCI-6624 and PXI-6624 are supported.

Refer to the NI user manuals and specifications for the port’s drive capabilities.

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