Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)

Phone Book Access is a profile that enables exchange of Phone Book Objects between Remote and Local devices. It is based on a Client-Server interaction model where the Client device pulls phone book objects from the Server device. This profile is embedded in HFP. For testing, use the HFP Transform and connect to the remote device.


To use this Transform, the BlueSoleil Application should be installed. The BlueSoleil service must be running prior to creating and starting a Bluetooth project. Activating BlueSoleil can be done simply by plugging in the Bluetooth USB Network Adapter (dongle).

MxSuite software should be run in Administration mode.

On the PSE (Server), the device folder structure should be present. The folder structure is shown below.


In the folder structure, the phone book file extension should be .vcf

Note : Create the folder structure in  "C:\Users\Public\Documents\MicroMaxBluetooth\Bluetooth\PBAP".  The folder structure should be present as mentioned above.  For example, PBA2file contains the sample folder structure.

Creating a Harness for PBAP Profile testing using MxTransIt

1.Run MxVDev with Administrator mode.

2.Create an MxVDev project for Bluetooth PBAP testing.

3.If necessary, select Simulation->Edit Harness from the MxVDev main menu to open MxTransIt.

4.To connect with the PBAP profile, the local device has to pair first. Select the Bluetooth PairUnpair Transform from the MxTransIt Toolbox.

5.Set the properties of the Bluetooth PairUnpair Transform.

6.Since PBAP profile is embedded in the HFP profile, add the BluetoothHFP Transform to the Harness by double-clicking in the Toolbox.


PBAP Testing

Local PC working as a Bluetooth PBAP Server

1.Pair the local PC with the remote device using Pair/Unpair Device Signal as discussed in Pair/Unpair–Testing.

2.Connect the HFP profile as discussed in HFP Testing. (Note: Don’t generate an incoming call.)

After connecting the HFP profile, the phonebook will be synchronized with the Remote device (for example, a Head Unit).

After successful phonebook synchronization, you can see the contacts of the Local PC from the Remote device.

The figures below show the accessing of contacts of the Local PC from a Remote device (Parrot).





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