The Pick Signals dialog is a powerful control, which offers a window into the Virtual Wiring Harness. There are not only the Project Signals to choose from, there are many derived signals that exist throughout the Virtual Wiring Harness. Once you understand how the information is presented, you will find it very useful in building more comprehensive tests, debugging issues with your Harness, and tracing specific information as it passes through the modeling environment.

The Pick Signals dialog offers a compact view of the Virtual Wiring Harness.  It is presented as a 'drill down' list.

Selecting Signals

To open the Pick Signals window, select TestCase->Pick Signals from the main menu or click PickSignalsIcon on the TestCase Toolbar. This window also opens automatically when creating a new TestCase.


There are three subpanels in the Pick Signals window:

Transform Selection - This panel enables you to select a Transform in the Virtual Wiring Harness.  See below for more details.

Available Signals - This panel lists the I/O Signals of the selected Transform, that are not already presented in the Selected Signals panel.

Selected Signals - This panel lists the Signals that have been selected for the current TestCase.

Note: If you have over 200 Signals, see Signal List–Maximum.

Operate this control as follows:

Use the Move Left (<<) and Move Right (>>) buttons to move Signals between the Selected and Available Signals panels.

Use the Up/Down arrows on the right to sort the Selected Signals.

The Filter applies to the Available Signals panel.  You can include as many as two wild card characters (*) in the filter string.

Selecting the Project Signals Only option limits the choice of Transforms those that provide Signals directly to the Project (more on this below).

Transform Selection

This is how the Transform Selection panel works:

If you select Project Transform Only, you see only Signals that are in the Signal Dictionary.

If you select All, you have access to all Signals in the Test Harness.

These Signals are used for debugging with Probes and Overrides. They are not intended for for testing. See Probes And Overrides.

With All selected, as you drill down through the Transform Selection tree control, you see all the Transforms in the Virtual Wiring Harness.

Whenever you select a Transform, the Input and Output ports for the Transform are listed in the Available Signals panel  (of course, if a Signal is already listed in the Selected Signals panel it is  not in the Available Signals panel).

Because we show the inputs and outputs for each Transform, you may see the same Signal in a couple of places (the output of one Transform will be the input to another Transform, so it is displayed for both Transforms).

System Signals

A System Signal is one which affects the MxVDev test environment, as opposed to the SUT. These are predefined signals built into MxVDev that you cannot redefine.

For more details, see System Signals.


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