When using Guided Harnessing, the Port Registration functions are automatically generated in the AppIF.C file. The code can be modified if necessary. For manual harnessing, use this procedure:

To add new ports to your VMC or PIL Transform, use Port Registration functions. Add code the to your MSVC project as described here:

Port Registration Functions

Create a user-defined function named MxVRegisterPortDefinitions()in the AppIF.c file. This function is called during SUT loading. Use the functions described below to define ports on the VMC. For more examples, see the VMCPortDefinitions sample project.

hmtoggle_plus1Dataflow Direction Enumeration
hmtoggle_plus1Discrete Ports
hmtoggle_plus1Continuous Ports
hmtoggle_plus1Message Ports
hmtoggle_plus1Task (Event) Ports
hmtoggle_plus1Port Property Functions (Arrays, Enums, and Editor Type)
hmtoggle_plus1Task Parameter Functions
hmtoggle_plus1Auto Ticking



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